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🚀 Revscale FRANDEV Onboarding Questions

Please fill out the form below and answer all questions to the best of your ability as this will be able to help us create tailored outreach messaging that effectively communicate your company's value proposition and other necessary details needed to launch your campaign(s). After you have completed the onboarding questions below, you will be asked to schedule a time for your onboarding call!

👤 Full Name and Email

Full Name:


🏢 Company and Brand Overview

Can you provide a brief history of your brand and how it has evolved over time?

What makes your brand unique compared to competitors in the franchise industry?

🎯 Target Audience

Who is your ideal franchisee in terms of demographics, professional background, and financial capacity?

What are the common traits of your most successful franchisees?

💡 Market Position and Strategy

What regions or markets are you currently targeting for expansion?

Who are your main competitors, and how do you differentiate your franchise offering from theirs?

💬 Messaging and Communication

What are the core values and mission statement of your brand?

What key messages do you want to communicate to potential franchisees?

What are the common pain points or challenges that a potential franchisees face, and how does your brand address them?

🛎️ Franchise Offering Details

What is the typical investment required to start your franchise, and what kind of support do you provide to new franchisees?

Can you describe the training programs and ongoing support offered to franchisees?

📈 Marketing and Sales Strategy

What marketing channels have been most effective in attracting potential franchisees?

✅ Success Metrics

What metrics do you use to measure the success of your franchisees?

👀 Additional Insights

Do you have any feedback or testimonials from current franchisees that we can use in our campaign messaging?